TBDThe governing body of Freedom’s Frontier is the Board of Trustees. Members are opinion leaders from throughout the area and have made financial investment in the organization in addition to using their influence to raise the needed funding to date. The role of this board is to provide governance to the organization and develop fundraising strategies to support its coordination, represent the national heritage area to the public and accept the ultimate legal authority for the organization. While the Board is keenly interested in the success of the heritage area, it yields to the partnership team to set programmatic and project priorities.

2022 FFNHA Board of Trustees

Honorary Co-Chairs
Mike Parson, Missouri Governor
Laura Kelly, Kansas Governor 

Ex-Officio Members
Jennie Chinn
Executive Director, Kansas State Historical Society
Gary Kremer
Director, State Historical Society of Missouri

Board of Trustees
Kevin W. Wood, Chair '25
Gary Nevius, Vice Chair '27
Walter H. Wulf, Treasurer '22
Grant Glenn, Immediate Past Chair '23
Mary Hunkeler, Member-At-Large '22
Larry Pfautsch, Member-At-Large '23
Kristen (Yarǫ́nyąˀawíˀ) Zane, Member-At-Large '28

Kate Chinn, '29
Kay Caskey, '22
Marsha Corbin, '25
Marilyn Davis, '25
Mike Delaney, '29
Stanley K. Harris, Jr., '22
Ray Hill, '28
Mary Ice, '23
John M. McGee, '28
Amanda Minton, '29
Caronda Moore, '28
Jeremiah Morgan, '25
Luther Smith, '29
Bill Tempel, '29
Bob Totten, '28
Angel Tucker, '28
*Mary Billington, '22
*Martin Owens, '22


*Elected by Partnership Advisory Group

The Board of Trustees meets six times a year. These meetings are open to the public and are posted on the Freedom’s Frontier calendar. 

Advocacy Alerts

2022 Board Meeting Schedule:

February 09:      Virtual Meeting via Zoom
April 13:             TBD 
June 08:             TBD
August 10:          TBD
October 12:         TBD
December 14:     TBD

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