From February 2015 to January 2016, the Topeka Capital Journal ran a series of articles by editor Jan Biles. The dozen articles, when compiled, provide an overview of some of the stories connected to the heritage area’s themes of shaping the frontier, the Missouri-Kansas Border War, and the enduring struggle for freedom. Her articles cover the early history of the organization of the heritage area, and provide information that shows why this heritage area’s stories are nationally significant.

At the end of the year, Freedom's Frontier was given permission to combine these articles, and photos taken by newspaper staff, in book form. The book shared the title Jan Biles gave the article series: Freedom's Struggle.

The manuscript was put together by Freedom's Frontier staff, in-house, and printed at the Mid-Continent Library’s Woodneath Branch, on the Woodneath Library Press Espresso Book Machine. Topeka Capital Journal retains the copyright on the articles. Books are not sold; but are given away.

The files below are the PDFs used in printing the cover and the contents of the book.

Freedom's Struggle: Cover
Freedom's Struggle: Book Contents


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