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Jim Ogle
Executive Director  
(785) 856-3635
(785) 409-9943 (cell)

Jim Ogle
is Executive Director for Freedom’s Frontier. His job is to speak on behalf of Freedom’s Frontier and coordinate its overall efforts. His goals this year are to confirm the sustainability of the heritage area, raise its visibility to heritage travelers and the general public and to expand the number and diversity of groups who partner with Freedom’s Frontier.

Julie McPike
Managing Director
(785) 856-5283
(785) 424-4453 (cell)

Julie McPike
is Managing Director for Freedom’s Frontier. Her job is to manage programs and partnerships. She is responsible for overseeing a variety of programs and partnerships, including serving as liaison to the Alliance of National Heritage Areas. Additionally, she is responsible for reporting to the National Park Service and works with the Executive Director to ensure that Freedom’s Frontier effectively communicates with multiple audiences and diversifies its revenue streams. Her goals this year are to ensure that Freedom’s Frontier programs run smoothly, to expand partnerships and to see out new grant opportunities.

Liz Hobson
Education and Interpretation Manager
(785) 856-2333  
(785) 424-5086 (cell) 

Education and Interpretation Manager Liz Hobson is responsible for providing educational and interpretive resources to our partners to better tell our stories. Liz manages the FFNHA Interpretive Grant program, our partner professional development, and represents FFNHA partners to educators across the 41 counties. Additionally, Liz is responsible for developing and managing the FFNHA Youth Camp program, our day camp for 4th and 5th grade students. Liz’s goals for this year include developing a plan for an AmeriCorps program in FFNHA, seeking new opportunities for educational programs, including our new collaboration with Greenbush, and working to increase preservation and interpretation of the Quindaro Townsite.

Sonia Smith                                          
Communications and Marketing Manager        
(785) 856-5304                                      
(785) 840-5499 (cell)

Communications and Marketing Manager Sonia Smith promotes awareness of the heritage area and its partners and programs. She is responsible for providing information for the media, our partners and the public about the heritage area through newsletters, social media, our website, and with informational kiosks and displays. Her goals for the year include setting up information kiosks at six sites so that visitors to those sites will find more information about what there is to see and do in our heritage area that includes lots of museums and historic sites.

Doug Pickert 
Signage Coordinator
(913) 583-1370 (office/fax)   
(913) 669-6595 (cell) 

Signage Coordinator Doug Pickert implements the heritage area's signage system and provides a resource to our partners for signage-related answers. He is responsible for communicating with partners and regulatory agencies to design, present, and achieve approvals for highway boundary signage, local directional signs, and on-site partner signs. His goals this year are to achieve implementation of all proposed boundary signage, two directional signage pilot projects, and continue placement of on-site signage at numerous partner sites.

Adam Newhard

Partnership Coordinator
(785) 856-3634
(785) 424-4564 (cell)

Partnership Coordinator Adam Newhard is an advocate and the go-to staff member for all Freedom’s Frontier partners. He is responsible for organizing and programming our partner meetings, our partner advisory group and its calls and our Field Day visits to partners and potential partners. His goals this year are to create better systems for tracking and touching each partner, develop better systems for identifying potential partners, recruit those partners, ease their transition to partnership including their microsites and develop a system for review and improvement of all microsites.

Johnny Szlauderbach
Grants Research Coordinator
(785) 856-3636
(785) 424-4411 (cell)

Grants Research Coordinator Johnny Szlauderbach develops new and creative grant opportunities for Freedom’s Frontier and its partners. Additionally, he serves the Alliance of National Heritage Areas in an administrative capacity and is the organization’s first paid employee. His goals this year include increasing the organization’s annual grant allotment, creating ties with new and unexpected foundations, and building awareness of A.N.H.A. and its members.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 526, Lawrence KS 66044
Physical Address: 200 W 9th St, Lawrence KS 66044
Phone: (785) 856-5300
Fax: (785) 856-5303

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