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   October 2019   
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  • 4/12/2019 9:00:00 AM  |  Overland Park, KS

    The Turbulent Twenties

    AAA estimates that 112.5 million Americans traveled over Christmas and New Year holidays in 2018 (about 1-in-3 Americans). The vast majority—more than 102 million—drove to their destination. Americans love their cars. Johnson County Museum’s temporary exhibit, “The Turbulent Twenties,” is on display through May 11, 2019. The exhibit explores many facets of American culture in the 1920s, both nationally and locally....details >>

  • 4/12/2019 6:30:00 PM  |  Topeka, KS

    The Naval War in Vietnam By Dr. John Kuehn - Museum After Hours

    Explore the U.S. Navy’s operations in support of the conflict in Vietnam from the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” to the Navy’s role in the final frantic evacuation in 1975. Examination of the little-known maritime operations such as “Market Time” and “Sealord” will highlight the advantages, not fully appreciated, that fighting in Vietnam gained by the U.S. having de facto command of the air and sea in the extensive coastal waters of the theater....details >>

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