Trace the evolution of the school and learn about the Native people who attended.


2/21/2019 - Haskell cultural Center and Museum is temporarily closed. Haskell recognizes the importance of the cultural center, and intends to re-open it with permanent staffing soon. Please call the President’s Office for information. (785) 832-6644

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155 Indian Ave
Lawrence, KS 66046
Phone: 785-832-6686

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Group Tours

The Haskell Cultural Center and Museum presents an uncensored in-depth educational perspective for visitors of all ages. The staff guide will lead teachers, chaperones and their students through hands-on learning experiences related to the museum's collections of American Indian materials to help interpret the museum's exhibitions. These tours offer a wide variety of unique learning opportunities and perspectives for visitors of all ages.

The Cultural Center also offers a Walking tour of the Haskell Campus. This tour covers the historical buildings, the Haskell Arch and Stadium, the Haskell Medicine Wheel and the Haskell Cemetery. The tour will explain the significance of each as well as historical content as it relates to Haskell Indian Nations University.

Be sure to download the Walking Tour Brochure from the website before your visit.

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