Quindaro Museum preserves overall importance of the African American Community of Quindaro to the history and evolutionary development of Kansas as well as the United States of America.


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3432 N 29th Street
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913-244-8497

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Historic Home

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This museum, near the Quindaro Overlook, has a collection that preserves the history of diverse people who settled in the region. There are artifacts, documents and photos from Wyandot families, shackles and other artifacts that tell the stories of the formerly enslaved people who found freedom at Quindaro, and there are stories of the Hope family, founders and curators of the museum.

The museum is in need of major repairs. Due to problems with the roof, the museum may not be available for tours. Call before visiting to find out.

Quindaro has recently received national attention. In 2019, the area was named the Quindaro Townsite National Commemorative Site. As the national historical significance of the area becomes more known, it is hoped that all of the local museums will benefit, and undergo needed renovations.

Visitors to the Quindaro area can visit the Quindaro Underground Railroad Museum, and the Quindaro Overlook. The actual townsite, founded in the 1850s, is in ruins, which can be sometimes be visited with special tours. Call Kansas City Kansas Convention & Visitors Bureau at 913-321-5800 / 800-264-1563 for more information.

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