Cass County exhibit explores The Stern Visitations of War

Cass County Public Library and Cass County Historical Society News Release

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“The Stern Visitations of War” Exhibit Unveiling

Persons living in Cass County 150 years ago faced suffering, violence and loss almost beyond comprehension. The infamous Order Number 11 decreed that citizens leave the county by September 9, 1863, unless they could prove loyalty to the Union and move into the military towns of Harrisonville and Pleasant Hill. Thousands left their homes and farms behind as they streamed out of the county in the heat and dust. Union troops burned all they left behind including homes, barns, crops, and fences turning the area into “The Burnt District.”

To commemorate these events, a new traveling exhibit tracing the story of Cass County from 1854 to 1870 will be unveiled for the first time on Saturday, September 7, 2013 from 2:30 to 4:40 p.m. at the Cass County Library Harrisonville Branch, 400 E. Mechanic. The public is invited to attend.

“This is a joint project by Cass County Public Library, Cass County Historical Society and Freedom’s Frontier Natural Heritage Area (FFNHA),” according to Christie Kessler, County Library Director. The exhibit consists of 18 pop-up panels which trace the history of the county from its early years through 1870. “The panels were designed to be easily portable so they can travel to each of the county library branches,” said Kessler.

In addition, they will be available to be displayed in public spaces around the county, in schools and for programs for civic groups or historical societies.

Each panel will include a QR code which when scanned with a smart phone or tablet will connect the viewer to the Cass County Library Web site where additional maps, videos, links and resources will guide the viewer to more resources on the topic. Visitors will receive a card with all the QR codes to take with them, so they can access the panels and additional information at their convenience.

Panel topics include the Border War, military units, women’s stories, slave stories, Order Number 11 and the exodus along with the aftermath and healing. A neighborhood map will allow visitors to explore what events happened where and who lived where during the time period by scanning a code for 20 different county neighborhoods.

Funding was provided by a grant from FFNHA, which is dedicated to telling the stories of the Missouri Kansas border. The funding was matched with in-kind work by researchers from the Cass County Genealogy Branch Library and Cass County Historical Society. Technical expertise was donated by the Cass County Public Library to design and host the Web site.

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